Thursday, 25 June 2015

everyone loves treats
everyone likes the good yummy things

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


How many more people liked chips than sweets?(answer)Two more people liked chips more than sweets.

Party graphs!

We made a chart to show how many people we would like to come to our party we made a chart to show what we wanted.we made a graph and lined the cubes up and we had a choice of...

gummy burger 2
fruit burst 6
lolly pop 0
shurbert 16

Party Time!

Party Time! 
In Room 15 we are looking at planing a party. First of all we had to think about what kind of party we wanted. Next we had to answer 7 questions.First question was what is  your favorite type of lolly?
we had the option of... 
gummy burgers
fruit burst
thumb suckers

next question was what is your favorite flavor pizza
we had the option of...
Meat lovers
Egg and bacon
Desert pizza
BBQ sauce

next question was what is your favourite drink 

we had the option of...
chocolate shake
ginger bear 

now the next question was what kind of theme would you like
we had the option of...
jungle theme
pirate theme
princess or superheroes theme
no theme
the next question was what is your favorite party food
we had the option of...
hot chips 
sausage rolls
the next question was what is your favorite party game
we had the option of
lolly hunt \ scramble
pin the tail on the donkey
pass the parcel